Transforming the Gulf of California

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The Gulf of California is one of world’s most productive and diverse fishing regions. It hosts a variety of marine species, from highly valued invertebrates, such as lobster and abalone, to big fish and marine mammals. It’s home to 900 fish species and produces more than 70% of Mexico’s entire fishing industry.

As in many bio-diverse and productive fishing regions of the world, overfishing is a threat to the country’s ecosystem and its people.

More than 250 thousand families depend directly on fishing activities in the Gulf of California. Almost 2 million households depend on it indirectly.

EDF de Mexico

EDF de Mexico is working to promote sustainable fishing in the Gulf of California through participative fisheries rights management in order to have a healthy and resilient marine ecosystems and more prosperous communities.

In collaboration with fishing communities, fishing authorities, scientists and other civil society organizations, we are working to implement rights-based management based on scientific data, participatory processes and access rights for selected fisheries in the Gulf of California.

EDF de Mexico works to ensure that ecologically and economically important fisheries in the Gulf of California are on a durable and sustainable path to recovery.

Specifically, we focus on:

  • Fishing rights: Promoting changes to the legal framework that will encourage sustainable fisheries management plans through the promotion of long-term permits (fishing permits and concessions).
  • Finding market solutions: Using market incentives to increase the value of fisheries, instead of taking a higher volume of fish out of the ocean.
  • Supporting science: Funding scientific research for each region to get more and better information about fisheries in the Gulf of California.
  • Knowledge transfer and exchange: Exchanging knowledge, experiences and ideas with our partner organizations, so we can design, implement and evaluate catch shares programs that suit the needs of all stakeholders.

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