Sen. Rand Paul’s attempt to derail the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

November 9, 2011



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Statement by EDF President Fred Krupp on

Sen. Rand Paul’s Attempt to Derail the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

“Senator Paul’s attempt to block the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule takes anti-government ideology to an extreme.  His bill would stop a long-overdue rule to protect American families from smokestack pollution that drifts across state lines — and causes thousands of premature deaths each year.  If polluters are allowed to continue dumping their pollution in neighboring states, we will all be in serious trouble.”

“I strongly urge all senators to put the health of American families ahead of this misguided effort to undermine our clean air laws.  We should all agree that being good neighbors is the right thing to do.”

  • Fred Krupp, Environmental Defense Fund President 


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