Statement of EDF President Fred Krupp On the Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State Address and NYS 2100 Commission Report

January 9, 2013
Jon Coifman: or (212) 616-1325

“I thank Gov. Cuomo for the opportunity to serve on the NYS 2100 Commission. I applaud him for calling out the challenges posed by climate change and extreme weather, as well as for his leadership in making our state stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to face them.

“The Commission recommendations in today’s State of the State address provide a roadmap to a safer, more secure future for our citizens and our economy. A smarter, more robust utility grid will help keep the lights on when major storms strike, and also make it easier for all of us to use cleaner, greener, more efficient energy technologies that will pay dividends not only in times of crisis but every day, for all New Yorkers. It will also open up new opportunities for renewable energy, and help us reduce the heat-trapping emissions responsible for the warming climate.

“The appointment of Richard Kauffman to fill a new cabinet-level position as ‘Energy Czar’ is a big first step toward making these proposed solutions a reality. Once implemented, they will help put New York’s energy system on the bold new course we need.”

— Fred Krupp, President of Environmental Defense Fund    


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