Statement of EDF President Fred Krupp

June 25, 2013


Keith Gaby, 202-572-3336,
Sharyn Stein, 202-572-3396,

“The President’s action today represents the best kind of leadership – a common sense step that will leave a stronger America for our children and grandchildren.

 “Most Americans have moved past the old debates about climate change and are now dealing with the impacts. This action today will help farmers coping with drought, coastal residents from Florida to Connecticut rebuilding after storms, communities ravaged by wildfire in the the West, children suffering from asthma, and all taxpayers who have to foot the bill for the impacts of climate change.

  “By setting the first standards in history for carbon pollution from U.S. power plants — which produce two billion tons of this pollution each year, or about 40-percent of the U.S. total — the President will help modernize our power system, ensuring that our electricity is reliable, affordable, healthy and clean. He will do so in a way that gives industry the flexibility it needs to contain costs. The President’s decision to focus his administration on addressing the serious problem of methane’s contribution to climate change is an additional, welcome part of his announcement.

“Those who oppose this action apparently want no limits at all on carbon pollution from its largest source. That’s a highly irresponsible position in the face of a scientifically established threat. We expect Members of Congress to strongly support the President’s action today. Failing to act is the most expensive choice, leaving huge costs to our children’s generation. Those who are concerned about saddling our kids with fiscal deficits should also worry about the enormous costs of climate change.

 “This important step marks the beginning of a new era in Washington. The time of climate silence is over. The time of climate action is here. The President deserves great credit for this. It is only one of the steps needed to address climate change, but this common sense plan to limit a dangerous form of pollution will be a major part of the President’s legacy.”

-          Fred Krupp, president of Environmental Defense Fund



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