EDF Launches "Power Up, America" Campaign

A push to create jobs and healthy communities by building electric trucks, buses, cars and clean power

November 30, 2020
Keith Gaby, (202) 572-3336, kgaby@edf.org


(WASHINGTON- November 30, 2020) Environmental Defense Fund today launched a major effort to promote clean transportation and clean energy to boost the economy, cut harmful pollution and create healthier communities. Beginning with a six-figure digital and TV ad buy in Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona and Ohio, this national campaign will rally support for policies that create jobs while cleaning up the largest sources of climate pollution in the United States.

“President-elect Biden and the new Congress have a historic chance to boost the economy while making our communities healthier and building a more secure future for our children. Transitioning to clean transportation and clean energy are popular across the board – and so are the jobs and clean air benefits that come with them,” said Derek Walker, Vice President, US Climate, at Environmental Defense Fund. “Trucks, buses, cars and power plants are the largest sources of climate pollution in America, and we can create millions of jobs and reduce air pollution in frontline communities if we work together on bold, common sense solutions.”

EDF is calling for 100% clean electric power by 2035, all new cars to be zero emissions by 2035, and all new trucks and buses to be zero emissions by 2040.

Transitioning to a zero-emission transportation sector will put over one million people to work, build up our manufacturing base to boost our COVID-battered economy and make American businesses more competitive in international trade — while tackling the country’s leading source of climate pollution. The amount of freight being moved by trucks is expected to increase about 25% by 2030, making it even more important that we address pollution from these vehicles.

A less polluting transportation sector will also protect our health and save thousands of lives. A cleaner transportation system, devised through an inclusive process that centers community needs, has the potential to bring significant public health and economic benefits to communities of color and lower-income neighborhoods. Those communities are more likely to be located near highways and be directly exposed to the harmful soot and smog pollution emitted by trucks, buses and cars.

We can achieve these transportation and power sector goals with a major investment and commitment by public officials and industry leaders to use every opportunity to cut pollution:

  • Mobilize investments in U.S. manufacturing to create over one million jobs and develop pollution standards that will save thousands of lives – accelerating our nation’s transition to 100% zero-emission new cars by 2035 and 100% zero-emissions new trucks and buses by 2040.
  • Build a national network of 500,000 charging stations —up from about 68,000 in 2019 – in urban and rural communities alike.
  • Ensure communities of color and low-income neighborhoods receive the health, cost savings and job benefits of clean power and transportation anchored in community-based priorities; and create high quality, clean economy jobs in places that now rely on fossil fuel production.
  • Adopt policies — including tax credits, grants, R&D investments and other incentives — that will accelerate the ability of the power sector to achieve 100% clean electricity by 2035.

The initial ad campaign will run during the first week of December, timed with virtual visits to lawmakers by constituents, EDF members and our partners. Grassroots activities and additional paid media will continue nationally through next year.

The ads in English and Spanish can be seen here.

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