Safer chemicals

Toxic chemicals are in our everyday surroundings, including household products, food and water.

We're working to protect health by reducing exposures to these substances.

What we're doing about it

  • Reforming chemicals policy

    Defending the new chemical safety law »

    In 2016, we helped get a badly needed update to the decades-old chemical safety law. We're working to make sure the new law protects us.

  • Making safer products

    Putting safer products on the shelf »

    With our help, Walmart – the world's largest retailer – is taking millions of pounds of hazardous chemicals out of products we use every day.

  • Wristband sensors

    Harnessing new technology »

    There's little data about which chemicals we're exposed to every day. Technology like chemical-detecting wristbands is helping us learn more.

  • woman shopping

    Making our food safer »

    We're working to make food safer by strengthening policies and working with retailers and grocers to remove hazardous chemicals.

  • mother and daughter washing hands

    Reducing children's lead exposure »

    America’s toxic legacy of lead continues to threaten children’s health. We’re taking on the major sources of lead exposure.

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