Safer chemicals

For decades, an outdated law allowed untested and toxic chemicals into products we use every day.

We’re working to remove toxics from thousands of items on store shelves.

EDF uses its scientific expertise to expose critical flaws in America’s chemicals policy.

Beth Jordan, M.D. Medical director, Association of Reproductive Health Professionals

Unseen health risks


What we're doing about it

  • Reforming chemicals policy

    Reforming the law »

    In June 2016, we helped get a badly-needed update to the decades-old chemical safety law to President Obama for signing.

  • Making safer products

    Helping retail businesses clean up »

    With our help, Walmart has updated its policy to require that suppliers remove certain toxic chemicals from products on its shelves.

  • Wristband sensors

    Gathering data about chemical exposure »

    Simple wristbands can now detect chemicals in the environment. We're using this wearable tech to learn more about everyday chemical exposures.


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EDF supports bipartisan policy efforts to reform the nation's outdated Toxic Substances Control Act.

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