We’re building the case for stronger methane protections in Canada

Oil and gas facility in Canada

Canada is one of the world’s largest methane emitters. Much of it comes from the nation’s oil and gas industry which emits at least 2 million tons of the potent greenhouse gas each year. And the actual amount could be much higher.

Previous research shows methane emissions in some parts of Canada could be twice as high as government estimates suggest. That’s why we’re funding high-tech research that will paint a picture of methane emissions in Canada like we’ve never had before.

See how scientists are measuring methane emissions in Canada:

This research matters now more than ever

Canadian communities are among those experiencing the dire effects of climate change that are happening right now.

It's why Canada is one of more than 100 nations making a global pledge to cut 30% of methane emissions. And Canada has gone even further – pledging to cut 75% of emissions from the oil and gas sector by 2030.

Canada's ability to meet this ambitious goal will depend on the strength of it's provincial and national environmental protections which aren’t currently designed to meet this target.

EDF's science and policy teams are working hard to change that.

By the numbers

  • 25% The amount of global warming caused by methane pollution.
  • 75% The amount of methane Canada wants to reduce from oil and gas production.
  • 13% The amount of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions that come from methane.