About Donglai Xie

Donglai Xie (Ph.D)

Senior Scientist


Areas of expertise:

Oil and gas, methane science, hydrogen production


Dr. Donglai Xie works on EDF’s methane science studies in Canada and China. In Canada, he is leading a multi-scale measurement campaign to quantify methane emissions in the oil and gas sector in Alberta province. In China, he is supporting for the design and execution of EDF’s emerging studies on China methane emissions associated with the country’s production and distribution of oil and gas, including research partnerships with China’s major oil and gas industry players and research institutes.


Dr. Donglai Xie has been served as a professor and the head of the Department of Energy Engineering in South China University of Technology from 2006 to 2015, and president of Shenzhen CG-HIT Gas Technology Institute from 2015 to 2019. His previous research interests include natural gas utilization, hydrogen production and utilization, fluidization technology and pollution control. Additionally, Donglai has been the principal investigator for several Chinese national R&D projects.

He is a member of the utilization committee of the International Gas Union, deputy director of the Scientific & Technology Committee of China Gas Association, as well as editor of Gas & Heat.


PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of British Columbia, Canada (2001)

MS, Thermal Engineering, Harbin University of Architecture and Engineering, China (1995)

BA, Gas Engineering, Shandong Institute of Architecture and Engineering, China (1992)


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