About Katlyn MacKay

Katlyn MacKay

Scientist, Global Methane


Areas of expertise:

Methane emissions, gas measurement, inventories and field work


Dr. Katlyn MacKay is a Scientist in EDF's Office of the Chief Scientist. Her current work is focused on characterizing the sources and magnitudes of global anthropogenic methane emissions in support of the MethaneSAT mission.


Katlyn has over 7 years of experience in measuring methane emissions across the oil and gas industry. She has previously participated in projects related to knowledge translation, training, and controlled release testing, alongside many of Canada’s major oil and gas companies and several prolific sensor manufacturers. Her PhD research focused on collecting and analyzing methane measurements to better understand emission patterns and magnitudes across Canada’s oil and gas sector, and to improve national inventory estimates and modeling.


PhD Oil & Gas Engineering, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada (2023)

MSc Earth Sciences, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada (2017)

BSc Earth Sciences, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada (2015)


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