Why our changing climate needs a 100% clean economy

Climate change threatens our future like nothing else.

Catastrophic storms, deadly wildfires, record-breaking heatwaves and crippling droughts are intensifying, devastating communities.

We can protect ourselves from the worst effects of the climate crisis by taking bold action: driving the United States toward a 100% clean economy.

Yes, 100% Clean is an ambitious goal — 100% achievable, if we start now.

We at Environmental Defense Fund urge you to help us fight for this critical solution, for all Americans.

What does a 100% clean economy mean?

carbon capture equipment rendering

A key strategy for achieving 100% Clean is taking carbon out of the air, which this Alabama plant is designed to do.

Global Thermostat

A 100% clean economy means producing no more climate pollution than we can remove, by 2050 at the latest. That’s consistent with the best science.

This approach limits climate pollution while shifting toward clean energy across all sectors of our economy.

Getting more of our energy from clean sources, such as wind and solar, will curb climate pollution. But to get to 100% Clean, we’ll also need other strategies, such as technologies to pull climate pollution out of the atmosphere.

That means everything from protecting forests and smart farming practices to investing in new ways to capture carbon, then store it.

A 100% clean economy will transform everything from electricity generation, to transportation, to manufacturing.

Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice President, Political Affairs

A 100% clean economy is a strong economy

energy efficiency worker

A 100% clean economy will add to the more than 4 million clean energy jobs in the United States, across sectors.

Transitioning to a 100% clean economy can unleash the power of American innovation to develop cheaper, more efficient clean energy technologies.

Innovative solutions grown here can be deployed around the world, helping lower costs to reduce global emissions while strengthening U.S. industries.

This new focus and new incentives will expand our clean energy workforce, made up of more than 4 million Americans in wind, solar, energy efficiency and other such jobs.

Who will get us there? People like you.

Nearly four out of five Americans — including majorities in every congressional district — support solutions to tackle the climate crisis. And there is bipartisan support for new investments in clean energy.

Congress needs to drive action that matches the scale of the problem.

Going 100% Clean is a bold solution we can achieve. Together, let’s unleash America’s economy to work for a clean future.

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