Donald Trump elected, but our resolve is unbroken

Fred Krupp

The election of Donald Trump has profoundly altered the landscape in which environmentalists work. While environmental issues weren’t central to the campaign, President-elect Trump took positions during the campaign that were directly counter to ours — and contradicted by science. What didn’t change last night is our commitment to fight for a cleaner, healthier world. Our resolve is unshaken.

We are still assessing the challenges that lie ahead, but this much is clear: The next few years will bring some big fights and also some unpredictable fluidity. We will ferociously defend America’s bedrock environmental protections, both in Congress and the courts, and we are secure in the knowledge that a large majority of Americans supports those protections. We plan to focus significant legal resources on the battles that are coming.

Though much changed this week, EDF’s core approach remains unchanged. Our work has always been driven by the best science, and we will continue to stand up for scientific reality, including the reality and urgency of climate change. And by using the insights of economics, we create solutions that help people and nature to thrive — an approach that becomes all the more important with so many Americans on the left and right crying out for a brighter economic future.

Our ability to work with a broad range of interests in society is another strength we will build on. As we continue ramping up our work at the state level we will be alert to unexpected opportunities that may emerge to make progress. One of our political strengths has been finding opportunity where others see impasse — and that gift will be sorely needed in the days ahead – while always sticking to our core principles.

Above all, we’re ready to protect the climate progress of recent years. Defense, as I tweeted this morning, is our middle name. We will continue to find the ways that work. 

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