Donald Trump elected, but our resolve is unbroken


The election of Donald Trump has profoundly altered the landscape in which environmentalists work. While environmental issues weren’t central to the campaign, President-elect Trump took positions during the campaign that were directly counter to ours — and contradicted by science. What didn’t change last night is our commitment to fight for a cleaner, healthier world. Our resolve is unshaken.

We are still assessing the challenges that lie ahead, but this much is clear: The next few years will bring some big fights and also some unpredictable fluidity. We will ferociously defend America’s bedrock environmental protections, both in Congress and the courts, and we are secure in the knowledge that a large majority of Americans supports those protections. We plan to focus significant legal resources on the battles that are coming.

Though much changed this week, EDF’s core approach remains unchanged. Our work has always been driven by the best science, and we will continue to stand up for scientific reality, including the reality and urgency of climate change. And by using the insights of economics, we create solutions that help people and nature to thrive — an approach that becomes all the more important with so many Americans on the left and right crying out for a brighter economic future.

Our ability to work with a broad range of interests in society is another strength we will build on. As we continue ramping up our work at the state level we will be alert to unexpected opportunities that may emerge to make progress. One of our political strengths has been finding opportunity where others see impasse — and that gift will be sorely needed in the days ahead – while always sticking to our core principles.

Above all, we’re ready to protect the climate progress of recent years. Defense, as I tweeted this morning, is our middle name. We will continue to find the ways that work. 

Fred Krupp

Fred Krupp

Thoughts and analysis from EDF’s leader of 30-plus years

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Protecting the environment by lobbying conservative representatives will do little in the long run because they are stubborn and in denial. It is critically important we elect environmentally aware congressmen and senators. The election is not over. It is now time to start to elect environmentally aware legislators at all levels.

We can do nothing. All four branches are #withhim

So we roll over and do nothing? I'm not ok with that. If we're going down it's not going to be without a fight.

Don't forget the federal judiciary – they serve for life and many pride themselves on being "above politics." Really, they are our only hope at this horribly dark time...

Bill I understand how discouraged you are. But while we have Trump in office for four years we need to make sure the elections in that time will change the other branches. Don't give up - we need you and your energy.

I would love to share this post, but can the headline be changed? We need to acknowledge as you do in the first paragraph that Trump has outlined plans that significantly derail work to stop climate change, but this headline is not unifying. Many who voted for Trump want to continue to see action on climate change and even more want to see growth in renewable energy solutions.

"The future will not belong to those who sit on the sidelines. The future will not belong to the cynics. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." (Paul Wellstone) I'm a proud supporter of EDF.

It is so good to know that EDF's brilliant, creative, and tenacious staff is persevering. I never doubted that it would, and on Wednesday I doubled the check I mailed, regretting that I can't give more.

Now I get to vote with my money. On inauguration day, I will be donating to several organizations that will work to fight the extreme policies of the incoming administration, EDF among them.

I have also asked my family to donate, in lieu of Christmas gifts this year. I would rather my daughter have clean air and water than trinkets. Keep fighting the fight, all. The only way he truly wins is if those of us that disagree stop engaging in our government.

Volunteer, donate, protest, call and write to your representatives. Really talk and listen to your friends and family, open the lines of communication. I will be putting my money where my mouth is on Jan 20 and that will be right here. I encourage everyone to do the same. Thank you EDF.

I respectfully disagree with Bill. Climate change is an issue that affects every community in the U.S., and our political activism does not end at the polling booth.

We must call our local representatives and state congressmen to push forth with environmentally sustainable policies and legislatures.

Push for CEOs and businesses to commit to climate action. If you think this isn't possible, consider that Apple has already reached 93% renewable energy in 2015, and Google/Microsoft/Facebook have committed to hitting 100%.

See what you can do in your local environment to support climate change research. We have to act now and vigorously oppose Trump's environmental policies. One man does not rule the entirety of the government.

We heard Trump wants to bring back the steel and possibly coal industries. We must not let that happen. Too much pollution to the air and water are caused by those industries. Instead, we must fight for clean energy development, which will also bring many new jobs.

We can continue to stay informed and make sure our legislators are aware of our plight.

I support you 100%. I am curious if you could alert us on what Trump can do – what powers does he have as the president to impact the fight. Is it through nominations etc? We all feel a sense of doom but how do you think it will play out so I can have a better feel for where my energies should go. Thanks!

Hi Linda! Please continue to follow EDF Voices as we're planning a number of blog posts in coming weeks that should answer some of the questions you have. Also go to this page to stay informed:

Fighting on local levels is good. Convince people to switch their energy companies to clean/wind energy, like Breeze or Green Mountain. I'm sure there are other clean energy companies. Make calls to people, email, text or go door-to-door to try to get people off their dirty energy providers.