Sensors reveal a new way to protect the planet

New, low-cost sensor technology can find and measure invisible pollutants that harm our health and change the climate.

EDF is bringing together innovators from industry, universities and advocacy groups to transform raw data into action. We've come a long way. See eight developments that show progress »

Our current projects with sensors

  • natural gas well sensor

    Detecting invisible pollution from oil and natural gas »

    Technology can detect methane leaks. So we challenged innovators to develop low-cost, real-time sensors that signal leaks at oil and natural gas sites. Now, we're putting this solution into practice.

    Partners: PG&E, Quanta3, Sensit, Shell, Statoil

  • Google Street View car

    Finding methane leaks under streets »

    Using Google Street View cars equipped with sophisticated sensing technology, we create maps that help utilities and regulators prioritize pipeline repair and replacement.

    Partners: Google Earth Outreach, Colorado State University

  • air quality map

    Measuring air pollution in detail »

    Air pollution is harmful to our health, invisible and hard to measure. With Google, we convened a team to map it – in detail nearly impossible before.

    Partners: Google Earth Outreach, University of Texas at Austin, Aclima, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project

  • Wristband chemical sensor

    Using wristbands to collect data on everyday chemical exposure »

    Wearable technology is a new frontier in data collection, and it can now reveal what chemicals are in our environment. Special wristbands absorb chemicals, allowing researchers to see the chemicals around us.

    Partners: MyExposome, Oregon State University


What's ahead?

Our work highlights great potential for sensors as a low-cost tool for solving environmental problems. That reality is closer than ever.

We're committed to surfacing the top environmental problems, assembling the right partners and expanding the solutions to have a greater impact.

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