New Jersey needs to adopt the Advanced Clean Trucks Rule

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Accelerating the transition to zero-emission trucks will ensure New Jersey builds on its momentum as a climate leader.

Transitioning trucks from diesel fuel to zero-emission motors is one of the most powerful opportunities New Jersey has to reduce climate pollution, spark economic growth, and improve equity and public health.

That’s why New Jersey needs to accelerate the transition to zero-emission trucks now and address the disproportionate share of air pollution these vehicles emit. The Advanced Clean Trucks rule (ACT) is critical to achieving this, and to getting the state closer to its goal of a full fleet turnover by 2050.

By requiring manufacturers to produce zero-emission trucks, the ACT can help eliminate tailpipe emissions from new trucks and making the air more breathable in neighborhoods across the state.

Adopting the ACT rule is an opportunity New Jersey simply cannot afford to miss.

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