What the smart grid is doing for American energy

Empowering communities

Residents of one of the world’s largest green-built neighborhoods share what it means to live with power that’s clean and connected.

Lower electricity bills, more choices over their energy use and a more reliable system all add up to a higher quality of life.

As one resident explained, “It’s made life more comfortable and more affordable.”

EDF’s partnership with Pecan Street Inc. is transforming America’s power grid, and unlocking benefits for people, business and the environment.

  1. It’s creating jobs and boosting U.S. exports.
    Not only do smart grids and clean energy increase our energy independence and relative wealth, they’re also creating tens of thousands of jobs in the coming years that can’t be outsourced. Part of this is fueled by international markets, which are investing in American-made smart grid products like never before.*

  2. It’s on the forefront of innovation.
    People and businesses connected to a smart grid can remotely monitor their energy use and make cost-effective decisions from afar. Meanwhile, sensors and automated technology let utilities keep tabs on equipment that previously required in-person data collection, like meter readers.

  3. It’s highly energy-efficient.
    When you pair the sensor capabilities mentioned above with renewable energy sources, you get a much cleaner and more efficient grid than our current network. For this reason, Pecan Street’s Mueller neighborhood in Austin, Texas, aims to reduce carbon emissions by 64% compared to other Austin neighborhoods.

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*Smart Grid Energy, Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness Duke University