About Thorfinn Stainforth

Thorfinn Stainforth

Senior Policy Analyst


Areas of expertise:

European climate policy, urban road transport and circular economy


Thorfinn works as a Senior Policy Analyst in the EDF Europe office. His current work focuses on transport policy in Europe and its impact climate and air quality, as well as circular economy and climate synergies.


Thorfinn worked as a Senior Policy Analyst at the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) where he led research on a number of areas of European climate policy, including transport, circular economy, renewable energy, governance, and the social impact of climate policy from 2018-23. He started his career at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Climate Action in the international and inter-institutional relations department in 2010.


BA, History (Honors), University of King’s College, 2004

MA, European Studies, University of British Columbia, 2008

MSc, Transport and City Planning, University College London, 2016


Nesbit, Stainforth, Hart, Underwood, Becerra, & Institute for European Environmental Policy. (2020, July 16). Documenting climate mainstreaming in the EU budget - making the system more transparent, stringent and comprehensive. European Parliament, PE 654.166. https://doi.org/10.2861/33747

Graulich, Bulach, Betz, Dolega, Hermann, Manhart, Bilsen, Bley, Watkins, & Stainforth. (2021, February 12). Emerging waste streams – Challenges and opportunities. Oeko-Institut e.V. https://www.oeko.de/fileadmin/oekodoc/EEA_emerging-waste-streams_final-report.pdf

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