About Ritesh Gautam

Ritesh Gautam

Lead Senior Scientist


Areas of expertise:

Satellite remote sensing, methane emissions, atmospheric aerosols, climatology, radiative forcing


Dr. Ritesh Gautam is a Lead Senior Scientist on the MethaneSAT mission at Environmental Defense Fund. At EDF, Dr. Gautam oversees remote sensing projects and scientific studies on characterizing anthropogenic methane emissions using satellite data, in collaboration with academia and other research organizations. Ritesh leads scientific efforts to ensure high quality of MethaneSAT’s and MethaneAIR’s data products in order to effectively quantify methane emissions. His team’s research is focused on the attribution of the various sources, infrastructure and underlying processes linked to emissions in particular from the oil and gas sector globally. Ritesh’s scientific interests also include characterizing climate effects of air pollution derived using long-term satellite remote sensing measurements.


Prior to joining EDF in 2016, he served as a research scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center with Universities Space Research Association, and as a tenured professor at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. At NASA Goddard, he was a recipient of the Scientific Leadership Award from the Climate and Radiation group as well as GESTAR’s Mission Achievement Award. His research experience spans the last twenty years focusing on satellite remote sensing, methane emissions, aerosols, clouds and cryosphere. He has more than 60 scientific articles published in peer-reviewed literature including several high-impact papers in PNAS, Nature Communications, Science Advances, GRL which have received wide citation record and coverage in media.


PhD degree in Earth System & Geoinformation Sciences from George Mason University, Virginia


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