About Natacha Stamatiou

Natacha Stamatiou

Senior Analyst, Global Shipping


Natacha leads EDF’s Global Shipping work on fuels, where she focuses on research, potential development, logistics and adoption of sustainable alternative fuels to accelerate the decarbonization of the shipping sector. With a dedicated interest in the Life Cycle Assessment of these fuels, her work aims to ensure that the transition to greener energy sources not only mitigates environmental impact but also promotes equitable practices and environmental justice.


Natacha Stamatiou is an expert in environmental policy with a focus on maritime issues. She has specialized in Maritime Security and fisheries protection, with a particular emphasis on combating illegal fishing activities and piracy. Since joining Environmental Defense Fund in 2019, Natacha has been actively engaged in research and advocacy for the rapid implementation of decarbonization strategies. Natacha is based in Athens, Greece.


BA in International Relations and an MSc in Water Science & Governance from King’s College London.