About Michelle Tynan

Michelle Tynan

Manager, Global Agriculture Methane


As the global agricultural methane manager at EDF, Michelle works with a cross-cutting team of scientists and policy and technical experts to implement a strategy for addressing livestock methane, as well as developing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders. Her more than seven years of experience as a farmworker and her work providing technical assistance to organic dairy farmers contribute strongly to her farmer-centric ethos. She is passionate about the long-term economic and ecological health of farms, communities and ecosystems, and she believes climate solutions must center the voices of those on the front lines of climate change.


Michelle Tynan joined EDF in October 2023. In June 2023, she completed her M.S. in Food Studies from Syracuse University. Her master’s thesis focused on the adoption of seaweed feed supplements by dairy farmers to reduce enteric methane emissions as part of a USDA-funded “Coast-Cow-Consumer” project. Her work was interdisciplinary and required interaction and collaboration with scientists, dairy industry members and extension specialists, as well as dairy farmer interviews and outreach.

Supporting EDF’s farmer-centered approach, her prior experience includes working at the Washington State Department of Agriculture as part of their Organic Program, where she was directly involved in supporting organic dairy farmers. Michelle brings a love of Jersey cows and pasture management to the role, having worked on a dairy farm in Massachusetts for three years where she milked cows and made cheese. Her hobbies include rock climbing, kayaking, pottery and long walks with her border collie, Tam.


  • M.S., Food Studies, Syracuse University, 2023
  • B.A., Environmental Studies, Lewis & Clark College, 2012


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Tynan, M. (2022) “Will the Dairy and Seaweed Industries in the Northeast Work Together to Reach Net-Zero?” Northeast Dairy Magazine. Q4 2022. pp. 34-36.