About Jocelyn Lavallee, Agricultural Soil Carbon Scientist

Jocelyn Lavallee

Agricultural Soil Carbon Scientist


Areas of expertise:

soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics, carbon sequestration, natural climate solutions


Jocelyn studies soil carbon and nitrogen cycling in agricultural systems in the context of climate mitigation opportunities. She works to quantify the realistic potential of agricultural soils to contribute to climate mitigation and to ensure that emerging soil carbon markets are backed by rigorous science.

Jocelyn uses her knowledge of soil carbon dynamics, methods of soil carbon measurement and modeling, and agricultural system functioning to analyze carbon market practices and protocols with the ultimate goal of increasing the quality of carbon credits being generated and traded to produce meaningful climate mitigation outcomes.


Before coming to EDF, Jocelyn worked at the University of Manchester and Colorado State University. Jocelyn’s past work has spanned a range of topics, from soil organic matter chemistry to soil food webs to soil biogeochemical modeling. She is an Affiliate of the Soil and Crop Sciences Department and Graduate Degree Program in Ecology at Colorado State University, and maintains an active research program focused on soil organic matter dynamics at multiple scales. She is a leading expert on soil organic matter fractionation.

Jocelyn received her PhD in Ecology from Colorado State University and her BS in Science of Natural and Environmental Systems from Cornell University. 


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