Christopher Kuzdas

Agricultural Water Project Manager


Areas of expertise:
Water policy; Agricultural risk management; Social-ecological systems; partnerships and collaborative planning

Chris Kuzdas is an environmental social scientist with a diverse background in the decision sciences, international development and project management. As a member of EDF’s Colorado River team, Chris works with partners to explore flexible water management solutions that address future water uncertainty in a just and sustainable manner. Chris is involved with local collaborators in developing agricultural risk management strategies to manage water uncertainty in ways that support rural communities and healthy riparian ecosystems. His work blends science, policy engagement and stakeholder collaboration.

Chris also serves as an associate editor of UNESCO’s Global Water Forum, an international hub for resources and discussion related to freshwater governance.


Prior to joining EDF, Chris worked in Central America as a consultant, project lead, and researcher with the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center in Costa Rica, and with Arizona State University. He worked on interdisciplinary teams with collaborators from industry, academia, and local community and agricultural groups.

Chris led an assessment effort in Northwest Costa Rica with a river basin organization that resulted in a new management process for conserving and developing groundwater supplies. He worked on a number of other projects in the Costa Rican dry tropics, including: developing strategies to better manage escalated water conflict in rural areas, reforming drought response systems, and exploring opportunities to better manage risks faced by smallholder rice farmers in Central America’s largest irrigation district. Chris is a U.S. Fulbright grantee, and his work has been awarded grants from the U.S. National Science Foundation and the Organization for Tropical Studies.


Ph.D., Sustainability, Arizona State University

M.P.A., Arizona State University

B.A.S., Arizona State University

A.A.S., Mesa Community College


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