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Abimarie Otaño Cruz

Manager, Energy Transition, Puerto Rico


Areas of expertise:

Energy transition, renewable energy, coral reef conservation and restoration, community-based initiatives and community integration.


As Manager, Energy Transition in Puerto Rico, Abimarie focuses on interacting with Culebra Island community and providing tools needed to achieve sustainability of the residential rooftop solar energy and battery storage project developed in the island. Abimarie leads and participates in education and outreach initiatives that promote the accessibility of clean, affordable and reliable electricity to interested communities. She also supports climate resilience and coastal adaptation projects in Puerto Rico.


Abimarie’s background is in environmental science, coastal and marine conservation, coral reef research and restoration initiatives. Her master’s research focused on the dynamics and effects of sedimentation in near-shore coral reefs. Abimarie has also been a volunteer and member of the Community Advisory Board for the Collaborative Management of the Canal Luis Peña Natural Reserve, a local group that promotes the conservation and sustainable management of the no-fishing marine protected area and the surrounding coastal basins of the island of Culebra. Before joining EDF full-time, Abimarie worked as a consultant for the community-based residential rooftop solar and battery storage pilot project, from its design phase to its implementation.


Bachelor of Science, Interdisciplinary Science, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, 2012

Master of Science, Environmental Science, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, 2017

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