Pathways 2025

Our most ambitious strategic plan, for today’s complex challenges

sun and earth

The United States has made tremendous environmental progress over the past 50 years.

The air most of us breathe is cleaner than it has been in decades. Magnificent, once-endangered birds like the osprey are thriving.

EDF is proud to have played a central role in achieving these hard-won goals. But there is still so much to be done.

More than 125 million Americans live in places with unhealthy air. Thousands of U.S. communities are plagued by lead poisoning.

And the environmental gains of the recent past are at risk as the Trump administration does all it can to roll back climate action and dismantle the bipartisan protections that helped deliver that progress.

In our strategic plan, we look ahead to 2025.

Working together, we can move to stabilize the global climate, build defenses against extreme weather, ensure food security and abundant oceans, and reduce exposure to air pollution and toxic chemicals.

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