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EDF strives to earn the highest charity ratings to give you assurance that your support will be used effectively and efficiently.

We consistently receive top ratings from Charity Navigator, as well as superlative ratings from the American Institute of Philanthropy's CharityWatch and the GuideStar Exchange.

We also made Outside magazine’s list of “The 6 Best Environmental Groups to Donate to for a Better World.” They admired our wide-ranging work, partnerships and ability to influence policy.

Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator

EDF holds a four-star rating from Charity Navigator. EDF achieved this rating from America's premier independent charity evaluator because we exceed industry standards and outperform most other public charities and many other environmental charities in terms of efficiency, capacity and financial health.



EDF has an "A- rating" from the American Institute of Philanthropy's CharityWatch. EDF continues to receive top ratings from this charity watchdog organization for maximizing the performance of every donation.


EDF is a Platinum-level participant of the GuideStar Exchange program, linking reputable non-profits with passionate supporters.

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