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  • Type: Report
    Date: January 23, 2023
    <p class="5EDFBodyCopy">This report explains the process by which Texas Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCDs) have executed their statutorily required planning function to arrive at a Desired Future Condition (DFC) and the inextricable link that exists between DFC development and state water planning.&nbsp; We first provide background information on legislative history, Groundwater Management Area (GMA) joint planning, and the DFC process itself.&nbsp; The report describes the important and inextricable linkage between DFC development, Modeled Available Groundwater (MAG) determination and how this does or does not inform regional and state water planning efforts.&nbsp; To highlight the limitation of an “administrative review” of explanatory reports submitted in support of DFC by various GCDs and GMAs, we identify technical and significant differences in both documenting and justifying adherence to statutory requirements regarding the development of the DFCs.&nbsp; Recognizing that not all GCDs are created equal or have similar and sustainable funding for the development of the DFCs, we highlight differing processes and perspective views from a few GCDs based on our review of their explanatory reports.&nbsp; Lastly, recognizing the myriad of challenges and limitations, we provide recommendations of how the DFC process could be enhanced for the benefit of all users and uses, including the preservation of groundwater resources to ensure their sustainability.</p>
  • Type: Report
    Date: January 5, 2023
    <p>Thanks to our supporters, EDF helped deliver remarkable climate progress around the world in 2022 — including a new U.S. climate law that many had thought impossible.</p>
  • Type: Fact Sheet
    Date: November 4, 2022
    <p>Addressing the climate crisis requires crafting policies that can simultaneously enhance ambition, promote just and sustainable development, and support vulnerable communities. EDF believes that with careful design and an understanding of social and historical contexts, carbon markets are one tool that can advance lasting, equitable climate solutions.&nbsp;</p>

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