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Solutions Winter 2024 cover

New land for a vanishing coastline [PDF] »

The Wilson column: Reap what you sow

Also in this issue:
EPA to ban carcinogenic chemical
Rebuilding Louisiana’s battered coast
Do you have lead in your home?


Solutions Summer 2023 cover

Fall 2023

Your package has arrived [PDF]»

The world’s dependence on maritime shipping weighs heavily on the environment. Can the industry clean up in time?

Solutions Summer 2023 cover

Summer 2023

Dry and mighty [PDF] »

In the drought-stricken borderlands of Texas, communities find a path to sustainable water security.

Solutions Spring 2023 cover

Spring 2023

Hydrogen energy: Hype or hope? [PDF] »

From Hollywood to news headlines, everyone’s talking about hydrogen. EDF sorts fact from fiction.

Solutions Winter 2023 cover

Winter 2023

This is our home [PDF] »

Meet the Indigenous leaders fighting to preserve Ecuador’s rainforest and stabilize the climate.

Solutions Fall 2022 cover

Fall 2022

Water, water everywhere [PDF] »

Climate change promises a stormier future. Ten years after Sandy, New York and New Jersey are still seeking innovative ways to live with water

Solutions Summer 2022 cover

Summer 2022

Keeping the lights on [PDF] »

Hurricanes, floods and fires. From California to Puerto Rico, the race is on to build a cleaner, more resilient power grid.

Solutions Spring 2022 cover

Spring 2022

Feeding a hungry world [PDF] »

Our oceans face increasing threats. EDF is helping fishers fight climate change and preserve vital food supplies for billions.

Solutions Winter 2022 cover

Winter 2022

This is Methane [PDF] »

It's making the planet hotter, faster. EDF is moving the world to meet this urgent threat.

Solutions Fall 2021 cover

Fall 2021

Mission: Possible [PDF] »

We are facing a critical moment in the climate fight.

Solutions Summer 2021 cover

Summer 2021

Generation Climate [PDF] »

They’re young, passionate and breaking new ground in the climate fight.

Solutions Spring 2021 cover

Spring 2021

America's electric revolution [PDF] »

A clean, modern electric grid, millions of electric vehicles — and millions of jobs to build them. EDF is racing to make this future a reality.

Solutions Winter 2021 cover

Winter 2021

A new day [PDF] »

President Biden has a bold plan to combat climate change. EDF is ready to seize this historic moment.

Solutions Fall 2020 cover

Fall 2020

The pathfinders [PDF] »

From farmers to fishermen and from local officials to community leaders, everyday heroes are bringing bold environmental ideas to life. EDF salutes them.

Solutions Summer 2020 cover

Summer 2020

Enough! [PDF] »

As the Trump administration undermines science and public health, EDF — and the world's scientists — are fighting back.

Solutions Spring 2020 cover

Spring 2020

Revealed! [PDF] »

Methane pollution from America’s largest oilfield is heating the planet. EDF is finding the leaks and holding companies accountable.

Solutions Winter 2020 cover

Winter 2020

Catching up! [PDF] »

EDF drives progress on electric trucks, zero-emission cars and cleaner air travel.

Solutions Fall 2019 cover

Fall 2019

Science under siege [PDF] »

The Trump administration is chipping away at the science that environmental protection depends on. Here's why its efforts will fail.

Solutions Summer 2019 cover

Summer 2019

Feeling the heat [PDF] »

Climate change is turning wildfires into megafires. EDF is confronting the crisis, helping make forests healthier and communities more resilient.

Solutions Spring 2019 cover

Spring 2019

Power in the prairie [PDF] »

America's prairie once supported an abundance of wildlife. Then it became the world's breadbasket. EDF is helping restore the balance between agriculture and the environment

Solutions Winter 2019 cover

Winter 2019

The cleanup begins [PDF] »

In Congress and statehouses across the country, new faces are working with EDF to reverse two years of environmental vandalism.

Solutions Fall 2018 cover

Fall 2018

The new defenders [PDF] »

As Washington caves on climate change and public health, states are rushing to fill the void.

Solutions Summer 2018 cover

Summer 2018

Meet the Fourth Wave [PDF] »

A new era of environmental innovation gives us powerful new ways to protect nature.

Solutions Spring 2018 cover

Spring 2018

A toxic agenda [PDF] »

EPA chief Scott Pruitt is undermining chemical safety — and EDF is fighting back.

Solutions Winter 2018 cover

Winter 2018

A year of reckoning [PDF] »

After a year of extreme weather and extreme politics, EDF and allies push forward on climate.

Solutions Fall 2017 cover

Fall 2017

California rising [PDF] »

The Golden State keeps driving climate progress despite all the backsliding in Washington.

Solutions Summer 2017 cover

Summer 2017

Everyday Heroes [PDF] »

Standing strong for conservation, these EDF partners rarely make headlines, but their environmental leadership is vital.

Solutions Summer2017 cover

Spring 2017

Homeland security [PDF] »

Protecting a vulnerable planet in the age of Trump.

Solutions Winter 2017 cover

Winter 2017

Saving the monarch [PDF] »

EDF is working with farmers to rescue the beleaguered butterfly.

Solutions Summer 2016 cover

Fall 2016

Utilities: A time to choose [PDF] »

Some power companies are embracing the clean energy future. Others remain mired in the past. How EDF is fighting to bring them around.

Solutions Summer 2016 cover

Summer 2016

Taking the Hill [PDF] »

After a 20-year struggle, EDF helps win bipartisan chemical reform

Solutions Spring 2016 cover

Spring 2016

Exposing a Climate Threat [PDF] »

In California, EDF's infrared images revealed the biggest known methane leak in U.S. history. How do we stop the next one?

cover image

Winter 2016

Power Switch [PDF] »

EDF is helping put the clean energy revolution within everyone's grasp.

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Fall 2015

Next stop, Paris [PDF] »

Strong new commitments by the U.S. and China raise hopes for progress.

cover image

Summer 2015

Sea Change [PDF] »

How EDF is helping fishermen around the world return the oceans to health.

cover image

Spring 2015

The China Paradox [PDF] »

China burns as much coal as the rest of the world combined. It is also the world's largest investor in clean energy. See how EDF is helping it go green.

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Winter 2015

Blueprint for climate stability [PDF] »

Global carbon emissions have been climbing for more than a century. EDF has a plan to reverse that trend by 2020 — and turn the corner toward climate stability.

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Fall 2014

A Fishery on the Rebound [PDF] »

On the West Coast, fishermen show they can be good stewards of the sea.

cover image

Summer 2014

Green power comes home [PDF] »

Cheap green electricity is no longer a pipe dream. How you can slash your utility bill and short-circuit climate change.

cover image

Spring 2014

Guardians of the Amazon [PDF] »

At home in the forest, Brazil's Kayapo are key actors in the fight against global climate change.

cover image

Winter 2014

The Fix-it Brigade [PDF] »

What young climate activists are teaching Apple, Caterpillar and other Fortune 500 companies.

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Fall 2013

Colorado comes clean [PDF] »

The state has transformed into a testing ground for a low-carbon future.

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Summer 2013

Net gain: Saving the oceans [PDF] »

Can 45 million fishermen help save the oceans?

cover image

Spring 2013

Forest defender [PDF] »

Today's environmental challenges are different from those of the 20th century. So are the people solving them.

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Winter 2013

The new normal? [PDF] »

A season of extreme weather triggers a national debate on climate resilience—and action.

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Fall 2012

Delta rising [PDF] »

Launching the most ambitious environmental restoration project in the nation's history.

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Summer 2012

Protecting the great predators [PDF] »

Sharks are among the oldest surviving animals on Earth. Can we save them?

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Spring 2012

The clean air wars [PDF] »

EDF's tenacious legal team holds the line against the Clean Air Act's biggest opponents.

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Winter 2012

Wise investments [PDF] »

Snowfall in California's High Sierra supplies much of the state's fresh water. What is the true value of such a resource?

cover image

Fall 2011

Dawn in New England [PDF] »

A brighter future for america's most troubled fishery.

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Summer 2011

We can do it [PDF] »

Moms unite to take on polluters and politicians — and anyone else who threatens their kids.

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Spring 2011

Congress to kids: Breathe less! [PDF] »

Defying science and the Supreme Court, the U.S. House is waging a reckless war on America's clean air protections. But at what cost to our children?

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Winter 2011

Truce in the Delta [PDF] »

In California, water makes deserts bloom and cities grow. Can it now save the environment?

cover image

Fall 2010

A perilous recovery [PDF] »

As the Gulf struggles to its feet, the region unites to save an ecosystem vital to people and nature.

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Spring 2010

A greener Walmart [PDF] »

In search of a more sustainable future, the retail giant focuses on China.

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Winter 2010

Power to the people [PDF] »

Building the national electric grid of the future — today!

cover image

Fall 2009

Sharing the catch [PDF] »

Fishermen embrace a new approach to solve overfishing.