Senate Approves Former Coal Lobbyist to Run EPA, Endangering Health of American Families

Statement of Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice President, Political Affairs

February 28, 2019
Keith Gaby, (202) 572-3336,

“Today 52 senators voted to install a former coal lobbyist to run the Environmental Protection Agency. The senators who supported Andrew Wheeler’s nomination to lead the EPA are now responsible for his policies, which seek to undermine safeguards for clean air, clean water, and our children’s health. The real world result will be more asthma attacks, more health problems, and more pollution.  

“Unlike with some nominees, we do not have to speculate about what Mr. Wheeler will do in office. From his actions as acting-Administrator for the past 8 months, we have clear evidence of his agenda: undermine rules to limit toxic mercury, allow more smog and water pollution, and roll back protections against the threat of climate change. The senators who voted to entrust Mr. Wheeler with our environment know exactly what he will do with that power.

“The shocking fact that a long-time lobbyist for the coal industry will run the Environmental Protection Agency is all the American people need to know about the Trump administration’s attitude towards clean air and clean water. For them, the needs of polluting industries, lobbyists, and Washington insiders are more important than protecting the health of American families.”

  • Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice President, Political Affairs

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