Restore Peace in Ukraine and End the Instability of Fossil Fuel Dependence

Statement of EDF President Fred

March 17, 2022
Keith Gaby, 703-625-8218,

“Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and their loved ones around the world. The unfolding human tragedy must be everyone’s first priority. Peace must be restored for the sake of all those hurt by this conflict and all those threatened by its impact across the globe.

“In addition to the humanitarian crisis, the economic shock resulting from this conflict shows us the extreme danger of our dependence on fossil fuels. The world’s appetite for oil and gas creates a vicious cycle of instability, higher prices and dangerous changes to our climate. The fact is, we face two parallel crises – war and climate change. Each is a profound threat to global stability and how we respond to one should not undermine our response to the other.

“Oil and, increasingly, natural gas prices are set on the world market, so instability anywhere can bring real economic hardship everywhere. No nation can protect its people from the impact. Increasing humankind’s dependence on fossil fuels will only ensure we will face the same cycle of disruption again and again.

“It is long past time to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuel dependence. A host of new technologies are available today that can meet our energy and transportation needs without reliance on oil, gas and coal. Accelerating the transition to these technologies will free us from the geopolitics of oil and gas. This change will provide relief for consumers and business owners whipsawed by rising and unpredictable energy prices and provide a stable climate and clean air for all of us.

“As the world seeks to restore peace in Ukraine, and bring relief to its people, we must work together to build a vital future for all.”           

- Fred Krupp, president of Environmental Defense Fund

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