Rep. Curbelo Introduces a Bill to Put a Price on Carbon

Statement of EDF President Fred Krupp

July 23, 2018
Sharyn Stein,, (202) 572-3396

 “EDF applauds Rep. Carlos Curbelo and the bill sponsors for putting forward an innovative proposal to fund American infrastructure that would also cut climate pollution. The bill marks a welcome and overdue return to bipartisan engagement on policy solutions after years when some in Congress have questioned the basic science of climate change.

“America can and must lead the world on clean energy innovation and climate action, while doing our fair share to reduce the risk of dangerous climate change, informed by the best available science. That means a comprehensive approach that puts the United States on track to stop adding more heat trapping carbon pollution to the atmosphere than we take out, by the middle of this century.

“This bill is unlikely to cut climate pollution in line with that trajectory. Nonetheless, it contains some important design features that advance the policy debate in Washington. It harnesses the power of economic incentives to let businesses choose for themselves how best to cut pollution, and establishes clear environmental performance goals along with transparent mechanisms to measure progress and stay on course to meeting those goals.

“Rep. Curbelo deserves significant credit for reinvigorating the discussion on climate policy in Congress. EDF looks forward to working with him, along with the sponsors of this bill and all supporters of climate action, to build a bipartisan majority for ambitious, strong, fair, and effective climate action.”

            - Fred Krupp, president, Environmental Defense Fund

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