Pennsylvania Takes Important Step Toward Limit on Climate Pollution

EDF statement from Andrew Williams, Director of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs

April 16, 2019
Matt McGee, (512) 691-3478,

(HARRISBURG, Pa.) Today, the Pennsylvania Environmental Quality Board voted to accept a petition submitted by the Clean Air council and citizen petitioners that creates a pathway toward developing an economy-wide carbon limit. The next step is for the Department of Environmental Protection to study the potential impacts of the petition and develop a suggested path forward. The acceptance of the petition is a significant step toward a durable, market-based solution to curb power sector emissions Pennsylvania, the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the nation. ­

The foundation of any sustainable, long-term energy strategy in Pennsylvania is a binding, declining limit on carbon emissions. Developing a carbon market fosters the flexible, low-cost solutions that cut pollution and spur deployment of zero-emission technologies. Clean Air Council brought together a powerful coalition of citizens across the state to ensure Pennsylvania isn’t left behind as other states step up with real climate solutions.

“Pennsylvania’s energy sector is among the nation’s dirtiest, and without a comprehensive approach to carbon pollution it will be stuck at a competitive disadvantage compared to its neighbors. A binding, declining limit on carbon pollution could harness the power of the market to spur zero-carbon energy growth and drive down consumer costs.”

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