New Poll as Isaias Lands: In Time of COVID, Two-Thirds of Americans Want Climate Action

Southeasterners, Latinos, Black Americans more worried about hurricane season than in past years

August 4, 2020
Keith Gaby, (202) 572-3336,


A new poll from Morning Consult, commissioned by Environmental Defense Fund, reveals that in the midst of hurricane season, more than 65% of Americans think addressing climate change is an important priority for the nation. It found support for action is strong regardless of party or education level.

The survey also showed increased concern about the impact of hurricanes amidst the COVID pandemic, which has complicated evacuation plans and strained state budgets. The increase is particularly high in Southeastern coastal states, some of which are expected to see strong rains from Tropical Storm Isaias, and among Black and Latinos/Latinas in the United States.

The poll also found:

  • 55% of Black Americans and 49% of Latinos/Latinas say they are more worried about hurricane season this year than past years, as the pandemic rages.
  • 50% of respondents in Gulf and Atlantic coastal states (TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, MD) are more worried, as are 59% of Floridians.
  • Climate change is a major concern regardless of education level. 70% of those holding college degrees and 63% of those without one rated it as an important or top priority;
  • Climate change is a high priority issue for 66% those living in Southeastern coastal states and 71% of Floridians.

“With the pandemic complicating evacuation options and government budgets already stretched, Americans are concerned about extreme weather powered by climate change. They’re worried about a ‘triple whammy’ of COVID, climate change, and catastrophic storms.” said Derek Walker, Vice President, U.S. Climate at EDF. “We have to face these big challenges if we’re going to protect American families and our economy. It’s time to stop ignoring scientists on both the disease and our climate, and do what needs to be done.”

The survey was conducted online from July 30-August 1, 2020 of 2,200 adults.

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