New House Infrastructure Plan Delivers Critical Climate Investments

EDF Statement from Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice-President, Political Affairs

January 30, 2020
Dave Kuntz, (202) 572-3570,

The infrastructure proposal would make major climate change investments across all sectors of the economy and help put the U.S. on a path to achieve a 100% clean economy.

“No plan to address the nation’s infrastructure needs can be considered serious unless it includes large-scale, far-reaching proposals for tackling the climate change crisis. Happily, the House Democrats’ infrastructure plan released this week meets that test — climate policies and investments are a central theme of the plan.  It would set the nation on a path toward zero carbon pollution from the transportation sector; create new well-paying clean energy jobs; promote environmental justice for communities most harmed by climate and other pollution; increase our resilience to climate change impacts such as hurricanes; boost investments in energy efficiency; and result in major cuts in greenhouse gas pollution. This plan represents the kind of bold response that the climate crisis demands.”

  • Elizabeth Gore, EDF Senior Vice-President, Political Affairs

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