Michael Regan Will Bring People Together to Protect Public Health

Statement of EDF President Fred Krupp

December 17, 2020
Keith Gaby, 202-572-3336, kgaby@edf.org

“Michael Regan took the helm as Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality when it had been battered much the way EPA has been these last four years. He quickly restored morale and then solved big problems by respecting science and bringing together people with different views — that’s how he’s been so effective protecting public health and the environment in North Carolina’s divided government.

“As an Environmental Defense Fund staffer from 2008 to 2016, Michael Regan led our efforts to grow clean energy and demonstrated a talent for working with unexpected allies to achieve environmental progress. He was on point for the historic Save-A-Watt program, the first utility lead energy efficiency program in the Southeast. He led work that helped modernize the grid in Ohio and New York.

“In North Carolina, as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Quality for the past four years, he has led a large and complex agency with skill, openness to new ideas and a determination to achieve real results for the people of his state. Michael took over during a difficult time in the agency’s history, after years of budget cutting and turmoil. Michael’s work led to the largest excavation of toxic coal ash in the nation’s history. He successfully tackled the PFAS pollution from Chemours, leading to a 99% reduction in discharges and a major clean up. Michael’s collaborative approach has allowed him to build durable policies that promote clean air and clean water alongside a strong economy.

“The selection of Michael Regan makes it clear that Joe Biden is serious about making real progress on climate change, improving public health and addressing environmental justice. He will ensure that science, law and a commitment to a healthier future will be at the center of America’s environmental policies. I am thrilled that this great leader will be guiding the EPA at this critical moment, as we determine what kind of future we will leave to our children and grandchildren.”

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