Governor Sisolak Directs Agency Action to Meet Climate Reduction Targets

November 22, 2019
Dave Kuntz, (202) 572-3570,

(CARSON CITY, NV – November 22, 2019) Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak today issued an executive order reaffirming the state’s climate goals set last spring in SB254, and directing state agencies to develop the menu of policy options necessary to meet those targets—most critically cutting climate pollution 45% below 2005 levels by 2030. The state’s goals are consistent with the ambition of Nevada’s western neighbors, and this new directive comes on the heels of yesterday’s release of New Mexico’s Climate Strategy, which powerfully underscored that to achieve the reductions promised, New Mexico likely must a deploy a multi-sector, market-based policy that puts an overall limit on statewide pollution.

“Las Vegas is now the fastest warming city in the U.S—stepping up to ensure Nevada takes decisive policy action consistent with its commitments is critical to safeguarding public health and economic prosperity,” said Pam Kiely, Environmental Defense Fund Senior Director of Regulatory Strategy.

“The order makes clear that Nevada must develop a policy framework to achieve reductions consistent with scientific recommendations, cutting pollution by at least 45% below 2005 levels by 2030. Importantly, the directive outlines the need to evaluate both economy-wide strategies as well as market-based mechanisms, a clear acknowledgment of the role such programs can play in cost-effectively achieving the reductions promised.

“What the next year holds will be critical. How quickly Gov. Sisolak’s team moves forward to not just evaluate these critical policies, but actually exercise the regulatory tools the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection has available to put strong limits on carbon pollution will be essential to ensuring that Nevada keeps pace with its peers and delivers concrete climate action.”

Nevada’s first report will be completed by the end of the December listing policy mechanisms that could drive the reductions necessary, with a comprehensive State Climate Strategy to be completed by December 2020.

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