Climate Bond Agreement Will Give Voters the Chance to Support Proven Climate Solutions

Statement of EDF California State Director Katelyn Roedner Sutter on the $10 billion climate bond agreement reached by lawmakers, which must be passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Newsom by Wednesday to appear on the November ballot — June 30

July 1, 2024
Anthony Matthews — Paschal Roth Public Affairs, (202) 297-3830,
Elaine Labalme — EDF, (412) 996-4112,

“We have long said California must double down on climate action and it’s exciting to see state leaders poised to deliver this choice to voters. This bond is twice as big as any comparable bond in state history, giving voters a real chance to invest in proven and necessary climate solutions to build a better future. We can’t afford to wait. Millions of Californians lack or are at risk of losing access to safe drinking water. The growing threat of wildfire is causing insurance costs to skyrocket, leading many insurers to drop California policies entirely. Toxic air pollution from wildfires caused over 50,000 deaths in 11 years. Workers on farms and construction sites face extreme heat exposure risks at jobs they can’t afford to lose. Climate change is intensifying and this bond will help protect our health, lives, and jobs. Our kids are counting on us to secure a safer, more prosperous future for them. The stakes have never been higher and Californians deserve the chance to make this choice.”

Katelyn Roedner Sutter, California State Director, Environmental Defense Fund

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