A 21st century, electric infrastructure must include considerations for electric heavy and medium duty vehicles. America needs leadership that won’t let the world pass us by; we need to drive our country forward.

Artist's rendering of electric trucks on highway with wind turbines in background

We're counting on Congress for bold action on electric trucks. America's leaders know that going bold on electric heavy and medium duty vehicles means:

  • Creating a cleaner environment
  • Building ​clean and accessible electric infrastructure
  • Addressing health concerns in communities overburdened by pollution
  • Supporting and accelerating American-made manufacturing
  • Protecting and creating well-paying transportation jobs

Electric trucks are the smart, clean, safe, and efficient answer for the future of our transportation industry.

Now is the time for lawmakers to lead the way and go bold for us, for our health, and for our future. It's time to go bold and electrify trucks in America.

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