How we get results

Our solutions – rooted in strong science and economics – reward people for protecting the environment, not exploiting it.

By working with allies across the political spectrum and partnering with business, we turn ideas into lasting change.

"EDF doesn't just talk about problems," says Michael Bloomberg, an EDF supporter and founder of Bloomberg, L.P. "They help design smart government policies, combine them with private sector know-how and create solutions."

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    Economics »

    The global economy is a powerful force in today's world. Our results show that markets can be shaped to alleviate environmental problems.

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    Partnerships »

    Landowners, investors, and businesses large and small are all essential partners. The environmental stewardship of companies such as FedEx and Ocean Spray helps lead the way to market-wide changes.

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    Nonpartisan policy »

    EDF's policy experts work closely with congressional staff and leaders to find common ground on legislation that helps both the environment and people.

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    Science »

    Rigorous science underpins all this work, helping us measure problems and evaluate effective remedies. Our Office of the Chief Scientist assists staff in using the best science for setting and meeting goals.

Case study: More fish in the Gulf

red snapper fisherman

Problem: Red snapper stocks in the Gulf of Mexico were plummeting in the 1990s, due to overfishing.

Solution: In 2007, Gulf fishermen and fishery managers worked with EDF to start managing fishing sustainably, giving fishermen scientifically determined shares of what they could catch.

Results: The fish population started to rebound. By 2013, Gulf of Mexico red snapper was taken off the “avoid” list compiled by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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