Full list of chemicals detected

All 57 chemicals detected by wristbands in the week in chemicals project

Combustion by-products
Chemicals formed from the incomplete burning of coal, oil, gas, garbage, or other organic substances. Most chemicals included in this category are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Chemicals in Personal Care Products
Chemicals added to personal care products (e.g., lotions, soaps, and cosmetics), such as preservatives and antimicrobials. Plasticizers and fragrances (see below) are excluded from this category.

Flame retardants
Chemicals added to a variety of materials, including textiles, electronics, plastics, and foam to reduce flammability.

Chemicals with an inherent odor. These chemicals are often added to personal care products, cleaning products, food products, and more.

Chemicals designed to kill, repel, or mitigate any pest (insects, rodents, weeds, fungi, and microorganisms). This category excludes antimicrobials designed for use in personal care products.

Chemicals used to provide plasticity and flexibility to plastics, such as polyvinylchloride (PVC). This category includes phthalate chemicals, which are added a variety products including construction materials, personal care products, toys, food packaging, medical devices, and more.

The “Other” category includes food additives, tobacco derivatives, chemical intermediates, and chemicals that cannot be classified due to many overlapping functions.


Note: Chemicals are categorized by their primary function. Many chemicals have several functions.

For a list of all chemicals classified as persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBTs) see here.