Detecting chemicals that can harm us

mother wearing wristband

This mother is wearing a type of wristband EDF has used to detect chemicals surrounding everyday Americans.

Chemicals are used to make 96 percent of products in the United States, from couches and carpets to our clothes.

While chemicals are a critical part of our economy, they also end up in our environment — in our food, water and air — which can lead to health problems, such as cancer and asthma.

Unfortunately, we have little data about exactly what chemicals we are exposed to every day.

EDF is exploring ways to drive development of breakthrough technologies that can detect a person's exposure to chemicals. Such information can drive research, policies and interventions that protect our health.

Our efforts to detect chemical exposures

  • Gordon the firefighter

    Novel wristband technology »

    We engaged everyday Americans, including this firefighter, to wear a slender silicone wristband designed to detect chemicals in their environment.

  • air quality monitor

    Personal chemical exposure monitoring »

    We're working to spur innovation and investment in technologies that track a person's chemical exposure, to provide critical data and better protect public health.