Health: Safer chemicals, cleaner air

Exposing the hidden threats to human health
They may seem harmless, but ordinary household products—and the air we breathe—are significant health threats that largely go ignored.

Our air, our water, and the products we use in our homes are too often tainted with pollutants or toxic chemicals.

We’re working to improve health through both policy reform and greater corporate responsibility. We’re seeing promising progress on both fronts.

Our health initiatives

  • 1 in 3 formulated products sold by major manufacturers contain chemicals known to pose health risks

    Improve oversight and safety of chemicals »

    Why: For decades, a broken law allowed tens of thousands of chemicals into everyday products with little oversight.

    How: Ensure newly-passed reforms live up to their promise, and push for additional protections from toxics.

  • Removing toxics from store shelves

    Encourage corporate action »

    Why: Companies can move ahead of the law to more quickly remove potentially hazardous chemicals from products on store shelves.

    How: Advise retailers like Walmart as they develop, apply and track programs that reduce the use of certain chemicals in products they sell.

  • Protecting air quality for Americans

    Fight for cleaner air »

    Why: Significant reductions in air pollutants will save thousands of lives—especially in at-risk communities.

    How: We’re focused on defending existing clean air standards and closing the policy loopholes that expose many Americans to air pollution.

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