Health: Safer chemicals, cleaner air

Exposing the hidden threats to human health
They may seem harmless, but ordinary household products—and the air we breathe—are significant health threats that largely go ignored.

Our air, our water, even the products we use in our homes—all of these are too often tainted with pollutants or toxic chemicals.

Fortunately, retailers are taking action, and groups like Moms Clean Air Force are demanding stronger laws. We’re working to improve health through policy reform and corporate responsibility.

Our health initiatives

  • Advocating for stronger toxic chemical laws

    Reform outdated toxic chemicals law »

    Why: The ineffective 1976 Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) puts us all at risk of harm from unregulated and inadequately tested chemicals.

    How: We will continue to urge policymakers to pass a law that better protects Americans from harmful chemicals.
  • Removing toxics from store shelves

    Encourage corporate responsibility »

    Why: With chemicals policy reform slow to materialize, we must find new pathways to change.

    How: As we work to strengthen TSCA, we’re also working with retailers and others to ensure safety of chemicals in products on store shelves.

  • Protecting air quality for Americans

    Fight for cleaner air »

    Why: Significant reductions in air pollutants will save thousands of lives—especially in at-risk communities.

    How: We’re focused on defending existing clean air standards and closing the policy loopholes that expose many Americans to air pollution.

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