Reducing methane emissions and creating jobs

Report: The emerging U.S. methane mitigation industry

A report from Datu Research, The Emerging U.S. Methane Mitigation Industry [PDF], shows that tackling methane emissions not only produces cleaner air, but creates high-quality jobs in a growing domestic manufacturing and service sector.

Commissioned by Environmental Defense Fund, the report identifies 76 companies nationwide that manufacture, sell, and support the proven and cost effective methane control technologies that are available today to tackle this problem.

The report details a robust and diverse industry, with over 500 different U.S. locations across 46 states. More than half of the companies in this industry are small businesses.

The interactive Methane Mitigation Map, created by EDF with data from Datu’s analysis, plots the locations of these companies and their manufacturing facilities—visualizing the current landscape and potential growth opportunities for this industry in numerous American cities. States with the highest concentration of facilities, like Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio and Pennsylvania, stand to gain the most from future growth associated with this industry.

The report demonstrates that American workers are standing by, ready to build the equipment necessary to drive down methane emissions. With the right policies in place, this industry has the room to grow.

Mark Brownstein Vice President of EDF’s Climate and Energy Program

Companies working in this area are sure to benefit as demand for this equipment and these services is expected to rise. The federal government is now considering standards to limit methane emissions from the oil and gas industry, while Colorado and California have already acted.

Many companies stand ready to provide the innovative technologies necessary to reduce methane emissions. As this industry grows, so will opportunities for well-paid, highly-skilled engineering, electrician and machinist jobs.

“Finalizing methane rules and regulations across the country will naturally make it much easier for companies to make the right decisions on acquiring the technology that can help them monitor and control emissions most efficiently and cost-effectively,” says Brent Lammert, FLIR’s Vice President of Sales, US Thermography.

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Methane Mitigation Industry Map

Methane Mitigation Map

Small business pie chart

More than half of companies in the methane mitigation sector are small businesses.