Smart grid recommendations and resources

With the right choices we can can realize the smart grid's environmental promise

The U.S. is poised to spend around $2 trillion over the next decade replacing our antiquated electricity infrastructure, creating a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revolutionize how we generate, distribute and use electricity.

By making smart investments in a “smart” green grid, we can greatly reduce our use of dirty energy and advance our energy independence and economic growth.

Benefits of the smart grid

A well-designed grid will benefit people, the economy and the environment.

Demonstration projects

EDF is involved in smart grid development partnerships across the country.

  • Austin, TX: Pecan Street began in 2008 as a community collaboration to reinvent the energy system.
  • San Diego, CA: San Diego Gas and Electric: developing smart grid gold standard for California deployment.
  • Chicago, IL: Partnership to guide statewide smart grid development, including health benefits.
  • Charlotte, NC: Partnership to reduce energy use in downtown commercial buildings.

Getting the rules right

Working with local partners, we helped define the key steps and evaluation framework for a successful smart grid.

Video: See how clean energy strengthens our economy, creates jobs, allows energy independence and lessens our carbon footprint.

How we use partnerships

To solve tough problems, we work with everyone from private equity fund managers to moms to Midwestern farmers.

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