The promise of utility 2.0

Spurring the clean energy paradigm shift

Acquire more customers, sell more electricity and build more power plants. This formula has fueled the success of utility companies in America for well over a hundred years.

But today, in an era when demand for electricity is falling and customers are technologically savvy, price conscious, and environmentally aware, this “business as usual” scenario is out of sync with innovations in technology, business realities, and evolving customer needs.

A new formula

What if, instead of paying utilities to build more dirty power plants, the rules were changed so utility companies got paid for saving their customers energy and money instead?

EDF is working with key stakeholders on developing new utility business models that reduce climate pollution and empower consumers to choose cleaner energy, while still enabling utilities to earn a profit and provide reliable and affordable electricity for all.

New York is leading the charge with its bold mission to build a cleaner, greener electric system. The state’s energy transformation initiative, Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), is paving the way to a 21st- century energy future by smoothly integrating innovative clean energy services and solutions into the existing power grid.

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