Future of gas in question with rule roll back

Trump's EPA moves to gut safeguards that protect us from oil and gas pollution

Under rules finalized in 2016 by the Environmental Protection Agency, new and updated oil and gas operations must take reasonable steps to find and repair leaks, and to deploy commonsense technologies and practices to limit waste and pollution.

However, Trump’s EPA has proposed the first step of a two-part effort to gut these rules and end direct regulation of methane entirely. This action calls into question the competitiveness of natural gas in a clean energy future, and is a huge giveaway to the nation’s worst run oil and gas companies at the expense of Americans, their health and the climate.

These standards are based on cost-effective, proven technologies and techniques successfully deployed in states like Colorado, Wyoming and Ohio. We need to keep these protections strong; our communities are counting on them.

The benefits of EPA’s 2016 protections:

  • Over 36,000 oil and gas wells built or modified since October 2015 have to find and fix leaks
  • Every year this avoids:

  • Over 21,000 tons of additional methane pollution put into our air
  • Over 5,900 tons of additional smog-forming volatile organic compounds put into our air
  • Over 454,000 lbs. of additional hazardous air pollutants like cancer-causing benzene put into our air

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