The numbers: Why we work for cleaner energy


Demand for energy is growing, and we need to get smarter about making, moving and using it.

Why worry about rising energy use?

  • 65% of pollution that causes global warming comes from energy generation and use 1
  • 50%of pollution must be cut by 2050 to avoid catastrophic changes to climate 2

What we can do about it

Reducing harmful pollution is possible — if we use clean energy. We are working to speed up the transition to cleaner, more reliable energy.


Our power grid needs an overhaul

  • $150 billion is lost each year to power outages and blackouts in the U.S. 4
  • $2 trillion will be spent in the next 20 years to replace our antiquated electricity infrastructure 5

What we can do about it

We are working to make sure that investment is well-spent on a smarter grid, one that’s far more capable of using renewable power sources and modern technology compared to the current grid.


Cutting waste can save big money

  • $400 billion spent each year to power U.S. homes and commercial buildings. 6
  • $80 billion could be saved each year if we trimmed that energy use by 20% 6

What we can do about it

EDF Climate Corps train and place students in fellowships with companies, cities and universities. The students champion energy efficiency, building the business case for changes and investments.

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