Inside Solutions: Meet MethaneSAT - Fighting Climate Change From Space

Why would EDF go to space? Because it’s the best way to find, measure, and reduce the invisible yet potent methane pollution that is heating our planet at an alarming rate. New research led by EDF scientists shows that fast, ambitious action on methane could slow the rate of warming by 30%.

Our panel of experts offers an inside look at what this audacious endeavor can do to accelerate climate progress. Let the countdown begin!

Inside Solutions, EDF's new quarterly webinar series, offers a unique opportunity to peek behind the curtain of EDF's popular newsletter, Solutions. Watch the recording to meet some of the environmental change makers featured in the publication.


Shanti Menon, Senior Writer and Editor, EDF


  • Cassandra Ely, Director, MethaneSAT
  • Tom Melendez, Senior Engineering Director, Data Products, MethaneSAT
  • Peter Vedder, Senior Director for Mission Systems, MethaneSAT