Twelve opportunities to curb climate change and promote shared global prosperity

White paper published: April 2015

There is no high-carbon path to global prosperity.

By the end of this century, perhaps the most crucial indicator of human well-being will be the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. That concentration is above 400 ppm and hurtling toward 450—the limit identified by many scientists as necessary to avoid the worst impacts of dangerous climate change.

It is not too late to slow down the rapid accumulation of greenhouse gases and turn toward a safer climate. Doing so will require us to confront the challenge head-on, with solutions that are also fundamental elements of a successful and sustainable strategy for economic development.

The low-carbon path will drive innovation in energy, industry and infrastructure that will create brand-new business models and economic opportunities.

From the Environmental Defense Fund and The Nature Conservancy's white paper on curbing climate change

This white paper, produced by experts from the staffs of Environmental Defense Fund and The Nature Conservancy, explains how.