Climate pollution standards for new and modified sources, 111(b)

Filings and legal briefs on Legal briefs on EPA's standards to put limits on new and modified power plants, 111(b). See all recent legal filings related to the Clean Power Plan.

D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals

EPA Status Reports
Order continuing abeyance
Supplemental Briefs on Case Proceedings
Order Regarding Oral Argument
Motion to Hold Case in Abeyance
Replies for Petitioners
Briefs for Respondents
Briefs in Support of Respondents
Briefs For Petitioners
Filings Regarding the Case Status
Motions in support of EPA
  • North Dakota [PDF]
  • West Virginia et al. [PDF]
  • Additional parties that filed petitions: Energy & Environment Legal Institute; Murray Energy Corp., International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Peabody Energy Corp., UARG/APPA, National Mining Association, Indiana Utility Group, United Mine Workers, Alabama Power Co. et al., Chamber of Commerce et al., Luminant Generation Co. et al., NRECA et al., Biogenic CO2 Coalition, ACCCE

Parties that moved to intervene for petitioners:

Challenges to EPA denial of reconsideration:

Motions to Withdraw as Petitioner