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EDF is building a vital Earth.
For everyone.

Everyone deserves clean air, clean water, healthy food and a planet that is resilient in the face of climate change.

That’s why EDF is working hard to build a vital Earth. We envision a world where every person, every animal, every living thing shares a healthy, safe and nourishing environment.

We have a bold plan for making it happen, with game-changing solutions that stabilize the climate and strengthen people’s ability to thrive.

How we’re stabilizing the climate

We can avoid the most catastrophic consequences of global warming by limiting the world’s temperature rise to 1.5°C (2.7°F). That requires dramatically cutting greenhouse gas emissions. We’ll get there by:

How we’re strengthening people’s ability to thrive in a changing climate

EDF and our partners join with communities to build resilience in the midst of a changing climate.

That means being able to thrive despite the effects of climate change already happening, including extreme weather that’s becoming even more extreme. So we are:

The future will undoubtedly be different because of climate change, but who’s to say it can’t still be good? That requires us to act now for the future we want — a vital Earth, for everyone.

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Dig into our bold plan

Learn more about how we’re building a vital Earth as we put people like you at the center of everything we do.