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Traveling? Mitigate your travel carbon footprint.

Good news: traveling is back! The bad news: our travel leaves a trail of greenhouse gas footprints. Fortunately, you can lighten your travel impacts in three simple steps: reduce, calculate, offset.

Reduce what you can

  • Avoid travel through video conferencing.
  • Choose trains over planes.
  • Choose a carrier that uses fuel-efficient planes or vehicles.
  • Use ride-sharing
  • Stay in LEED-certified hotels.
  • Use vendors that monitor and mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions.

Calculate what you can't reduce

  • In the following boxes, enter the estimated number or your flights, car miles, rail trips and hotel stays per year.
  • The subtotal emissions for each category, along with TOTAL Tco2/e*, will be automatically calculated.

Ready to do your calculations? Use these handy tools:

Offset Your calculated total footprint

You can reduce your own climate impact by supporting one of many emissions reduction programs. While EDF cannot endorse or recommend any particular calculator, reduction project or provider, here are three you could explore:

Thank you for doing your part!

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