Key achievements from our past

We have a 50-year track record of creating solutions to environmental challenges

  • California climateClimate


    California passes law to rein in climate pollution

    We helped policymakers create legislation that sets an economy-wide cap on greenhouse gases, sparking a clean energy economic boom.

  • EDF ecologist in the fieldEcosystems


    New program gives landowners an incentive to protect vulnerable wildlife

    Because of our unique incentive system called Safe Harbor, the owners of 4 million acres nationwide welcome 63 rare species to their land.

  • Better packagingPartnerships


    McDonald’s reduces waste—and saves money

    In forming the first corporate partnership, we showed that an environmental group and a Fortune 500 company can get results together.

  • acid rain pollutionEconomics


    Acid rain pollution is slashed using the power of the marketplace

    Our proposal, written into the 1990 Clean Air Act, required that overall sulfur emissions be cut in half, but let each company decide how to do it.

  • Safer gasolineHealth


    Switching to unleaded gasoline saves hundreds of thousands of lives

    After we helped convince federal regulators to end the use of leaded gasoline, blood lead levels in U.S. children plummeted.

  • endangered whalesOceans


    Hunted whales are given lasting protection

    We led the fight to bring whales onto the U.S. endangered species list, an important win that secured that helped many whale populations to recover.

  • Saving birdsScience


    DDT is banned, ushering in the modern environmental movement

    Alarmed by the devastating effects of the pesticide DDT on wildlife, a group of scientists sue to get it banned—and win. Soon after, EDF is officially incorporated.